Randall and mindless zombie

A mindless zombie next to a civilized zombie

Zombies are common in the world of Ugly Americans and are being accepted by most of the population. Zombies vary from mindlessly walking corpses to actual functional members of society like Randall Skeffington.

Zombies can suffer extreme physical violence without any consequences other than maybe having to use one of the many zombie-regenerating services found in big cities and are practically immortal.

Zombies are addicted to eating human flesh, particularly their brains.

Zombie WarEdit

The Zombie War seems to be the equivalent to the reality's Vietnam War, with a similar hippie movement which, in Ugly Americans' history, was against hate for zombies, and several iconic scenes and images associated with the Vietnam War being shown in "Blob Gets Job" with zombies appearing in them. Both wars also happened around the same time.

The exact occurrences of the war are unclear, but it involved humans, presumably Americans, leading warfare against zombies.

Hate against ZombiesEdit

The Zombie War has either sparked the hate for zombies that is still going on in some parts of America like in New Jersey, where zombies are hunted down on sight, or was the latest culmination in a possibly longer history of hostility between humans and zombies. However, zombies are looked upon as normal members of society in bigger cities, where many services that are specifically devoted to replace zombie body parts can be found, since zombies have rotting skin and are frail to lose limbs.

Zombies are claimed to be used as crash test dummies and mine sweepers because of their immortality. According to Randall, they are sometimes even abused as working animals since they don't need to sleep.