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Wizards are a species of human-like beings who practice magic. They have their own organization, the Wizards' Guild, in New York City. And they have a fortress on Mt. Magic.

The most well known wizard on the show is Leonard Powers, a social worker at the Department of Integration.

A wizard requires a wand to cast spells. And the wand is the wizard's life-force, as shown in episode "Kill, Mark... Kill!".

Wizard and ApprenticeEdit

As told in "Wet Hot Demonic Summer", before a wizard can retire, he must create an apprentice by laying an egg, i.e. an eggnancy, and train him for 50 years in the magical arts. Then for the apprentice to become a wizard, he is to enter the New Wizard Initiation Ceremony hosted in the fortress in Mt. Magic where he must be circumcised on a summer solstice before sunset, upon which the apprentice instantly grows up to be a full-fledged wizard with all power released. Then the new wizard and his mentor part ways forever. A failure in completing the ritual results in the mentor wizard having an eggnancy all over again.

List of WizardsEdit

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