Vera was married to Francis Grimes and had 15 daughters with him before leaving for a new vampire husband, "The Count".

She is first seen in the episode "So, You Want to Be a Vampire?" where she is sun-bathing with the Count while talking on the phone to her daughter Tristan.

In "Wail Street", Grimes, Vera and their girls form a band "The Family Von Rap" with Dustin Lieber, and the Count acts as their manager. When the Count says the place that Grimes has booked for their performance is "a real step backwards", Grimes kills him by stabbing him in the heart with a drumstick. However, Vera is more concerned with her drumstick than her husband's death.


Vera had 15 daughters with Grimes. One of them, Tristan, marries the vampire Blake and becomes a vampire as well in "So, You Want to Be a Vampire?" Some of the other daughters include Suri, Zahara, Shiloh, Moon Unit, Apple, Rumer and Pilot Inspektor (these are names Hollywood celebrities have given their children). Eventually Vera left Grimes and married "The Count".