A vampire with his love

Vampires are a species featured in Ugly Americans. Their looks and characteristics vary from Twilight-y teenage vampires to scary Orlok-like counts.

It is written in the book "So You Want to Be a Vampire" that vampires avoid sunlight, have no reflections, feast on wild animals, run blood banks and the shadow government. But Blake says those are "all slanderous beliefs dating back to the days of the madman Van Helsing". In addition, Grimes says that vampires also control the television news, the press and the weather.

It should be noted that there are many parallels between the vampires of Ugly Americans and Jewish people in reality. Vampires commonly gain antipathy for controlling all the blood banks, they were nearly brought to extinct by Van Helsing (who wrote a book called "Mein Vampf"), and the vampire wedding in "So, You Want to Be a Vampire?" is similar to a Jewish wedding.

Becoming a VampireEdit

One traditionally became a vampire by being bitten by one. However, this method is currently illegal in New York City. To legally become a vampire, one must go to the Vampire Processing Bureau, which must approve if one is qualified to become a vampire. The process takes six to eight weeks. The vampire conversion is performed at the NYC Vampire Processing Center. The conversion is a tedious process executed by professionals with special machines. Vampires are also conditioned to dislike human blood, among other things.

An example of this is when Dr. Lee teaches Vlad Paler to only drink rat's blood.

Special Powers and TraitsEdit

Vampires have superhuman strength and can jump through the skies or turn into large bats for quick transportation. They are also able to put others into a state of paralysis that can last for up to an hour.

The sunlight is no real danger to vampires. One vampire states that he merely sparkles in the sunlight and another is seen tanning in the sun after applying large amounts of sunblock.