I welcome every visitor of this page! Stay for a while, browse through some pages - whatever. If you would like to contribute to this place, I'd appreciate it if you'd felt free to do just that. In fact, this wiki is in dire need of some competent editors, but even if you would not regard yourself as a writer-kind of person or don't have the time to regularly contribute to this wiki, I would love to welcome you in our community nonetheless - every bit of information can only help this place, as long as it's relevant to the subject, of course.

Together, we can make this site big - don't believe me? Just look at any other wiki - Futurama Wiki, South Park Archives, there are literally too many successful ones on the web to name them. All of those wikis started low at one point, but that didn't stop them from getting to 1000+ pages. One day, this place will too become such a striving community - that is undeniable. Together, we can do it.

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