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Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon is the first game based off of the Ugly Americans series on Comedy Central. The game was developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by 345 Games. The game has been available for gamers to download for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 as of August 31, 2011.

The game falls mainly into the shooter category with game-play focusing on the main cast, Mark Lilly, Callie Maggotbone, Leonard Powers and Francis Grimes (voiced by the same actors from the show) cleaning up the streets of New York City when all Hell breaks loose. With the selection of the four characters, the side-scrolling shooting game allows players to play both local and online co-operative play over Xbox LIVE.

This 3D shooter offers a variety of show-recognizable enemies ranging from the unusual manbirds, to the undead zombies of New York City. Gamers must defeat these enemies, and gain enough experience to level up the four characters of that the game provides.

There are also a large variety of items including baseballs, hammers, and even snow-globes to use as ammunition during the eleven levels in the game. Each character has their own recommended weapons highlighted in the ammunition menus. Along with the varied projectiles you can use as ammunition, there are power-ups scattered around the levels offering damage, speed, and health bonuses.





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