The Man Club is a private association that a group of male creatures in the Ugly Americans universe have organized. It holds regular meetings where the boys talk about problems involved in their lives, such as when Mark Lilly told others that he caught his girlfriend Callie Maggotbone having sex with other men.

It seems the Man Club is supposed to follow "Lilly's Rules To Live By" but the members just ignore them.

The Man Club is first seen in the episode "Lilly and the Beast". The girls have their own group, "The Girls' Club".

Hell WeekEdit

Leonard Powers at first is only a pledge in the Man Club. It seems for him to become a full member, he must go through a "Hell Week". The members of the Man Club (except Mark as he has been voted out by other members) make Leonard do a number of humiliating things, such as crawling on the floor to bring others cigars with the cigar box tied to his back. After he has completed those unreasonable tasks, he is granted official membership and given a Man Club jacket.

However Randall tells Leonard afterwards that he did not have to do any of that as it was against the rules.


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