Tad Monkeybottom was hired by Twayne Boneraper as a new assistant to do his dirty work in the Department of Integration in the episode "Attack of Mark's Clone".

In the episode, Tad's first move is to demote Callie Maggotbone, whom he claims is sabotaging Twayne's authority, to Useless Data Entry in sub-basement 37. He also cuts Mark Lilly's department budget by 80%, but is rather impressed by (Clone) Mark's attitude. He sets his office in a compartment in a toilet as he feels he works more efficient there.


Tad is murdered in his office by Clone Mark as a means to frame Callie for the crime since the clone has found out Callie plans to kill him after the bowling tournament.

As Twayne relies on Tad to do his work, including sending out invitations for Tad's own funeral, nearly no one shows up. Callie is taken away for Tad's murder by Francis Grimes at the funeral.