Councilman Sammy Fitzpatrick (voiced by Mike O'Gorman) was a merman running a campaign to be the mayor of New York City, which consisted mainly of selling his soul to Twayne Boneraper, and giving away political buttons. The campaign did not stop him at all from boning every moving thing he could find.

In the episode "Sympathy for the Devil" he was seen or implied trying to make sexual advance to six different species, including Callie Maggotbone and Twayne, sometimes even promising cabinet positions to these characters.

He also casually walked around naked and even urinated in public. He had the worst political instincts there could be, often landing on scandalous headlines on newspapers. This extremely offensive behavior caused Twayne to land in Hell's court for making such a ridiculously terrible deal.

He showed utter disrespect for anyone unable to vote.


At a huge event organized by Twayne, including Fitzpatrick's vita being narrated by Morgan Freeman, Fitzpatrick died in an accident when the cape he was holding got caught in the rotor blades of his flying helicopter, shredding the cape and himself to pieces, causing a bloody mess. His last words were "Honk honk!"