Rosie (voiced by Julie Klausner) is the human mother of Callie and Lillith Maggotbone. She has divorced their father Aldermach Maggotbone. Her character appears to be modeled after Rosemary Woodhouse from the movie Rosemary's Baby as the story of Callie's conception is similar to the story in the movie and the character looks like Mia Farrow who played Rosemary in the movie.

She is a member of The Girls' Club, as seen in "Lilly and the Beast".

Impregnations with Callie and LillithEdit

Originally, in the episode "Demon Baby", she says she got Callie as a result of being drugged by a cult and forcibly impregnated by Aldermach. But she also says that she made a deal with Aldermach for the baby, and she's very happy about that.

However, in "Callie and Her Sister", during a therapy session with Rosie in Mark Lilly's apartment, Aldermach tells Mark that Rosie sold him her soul for a baby on the condition that he could not kill her afterwards. Mark steps out of the room for a few moments and returns to find that Rosie and Aldermach is having sex on the pool table. Due to the hormone injections Rosie has been getting, she gave birth to Lillith just after one day, and Lillith ages at an accelerated rate of one year per day.

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