Puzzle box

A puzzle box is a demonic object, which is traditionally given as a gift to a female demon on her Zechalech ceremony by a human companion. The gift unleashes the three satanic ordeals.

Ultimately, a human soul is to be filled in the puzzle box.

The Satanic OrdealsEdit

The First OrdealEdit

The first ordeal is a cleansing ritual. The demon kills all her former companions, according to Callie Maggotbone, to purify herself for the human.

The Second OrdealEdit

In the second ordeal, the demon makes her human partner live out all his dreams from the previous night. For instance, Mark Lilly finds himself naked in a train with a tailor making his measurements.

The Third OrdealEdit

In the third ordeal, the demon eventually sucks the soul from her human companion's body and puts it into the puzzle box. The soul sucking is likely to end in the death of the human.

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