After Mark Lilly has encouraged Leonard Powers to realize his dream of becoming a world-famous wizard, Leonard offers him a gift of "One Day of Immortality" in the episode "An American Werewolf in America". A note in the gift box reads, "I, Leonard Powers, bequeath to you, Mark Lilly, one day of immortality." It also comes with a handgun. Leonard says, "Immortality is the greatest gift a wizard can bestow."

Later at Leonard's magic performance, he claims he's going to kill and bring a man back to life. He urges Mark to shoot himself in the head with the handgun. Mark, without much reluctance, fires the gun and kills himself. However he does not return to life right away, but instead, goes to the In-Between World.

There he has to be led by a guide through "a guilt trip" to see the impact of his death to the people close to him. After certain proper procedures and much time long past Leonard's performance, he comes back to life at his own funeral.


  • Leonard's gift also comes with a 25-dollar Barnes & Nobles gift card, which is good for any purchase, except at the café.


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