Neilando Patel and Nicky Ventropriala are two treetures that have grown very close to each other. They are about to marry, or to mate, in the episode "Treegasm". Nicky's parents chose Neil for Nicky's mating because he's the only tree around.

Mark Lilly has been assigned by Twayne Boneraper as a "screwing coordinator" to the couple. On their first meeting, Mark gives Neil some ideas about fooling around that make him have second thoughts. Neil later breaks up with Nicky.

Then Leonard Powers tells Mark that if Neil does not mate with Nicky, his roots may swell up and endanger Manhattan. So Mark has to find Randall Skeffington to scare and talk Neil into returning to Nicky.

A big crowd gather around Neil and Nicky to celebrate their mating, or the "Treegasm". Neil panicks and his roots begin to wreck various parts of the city. Neil is unable to perform, so Leonard casts a spell to help him complete the mating. Yet Neil winds up having a "premature esapulation". But the city is saved in the end.