Murray is a human who has just moved to New York City and gone crazy in the episode "G.I. Twayne".

First, he gets scared during the "Zombie 10K Fun Run", and is run over by a student driver's car Doug is driving.

Then he enters Mark Lilly's class. He calls others freaks, draws a gun from his leg and points it at Toby. He says he's heard demons talking about the "End of Days". When Mark asks him to hand over the gun, he jumps out of the window instead.

Right before the End of Days War Pre-Enactment, he is seen getting bitten and dragged away by zombies. Mark later sees him seemed to have turned into one. But since the whole thing has really been an enactment, his turning could have been fake.


  • The scene where Murray's appearance turns into that of a zombie's in front of Mark is a parody of the ending of the 1978 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers.