Mt Magic Fortress

Mt. Magic and its fortress

Mt. Magic is the mountain where the wizards' fortress is located. It has a waterfall underneath the fortress running to the lake below. Across the lake is an abandoned silvermine. It is seen in the episode "Wet Hot Demonic Summer".

The Wizards' Fortress on Mt. MagicEdit

Mt Magic Secret Entrance

The secret entrance

The wizards' fortress on Mt. Magic does not seem to have its own name, so it is often referred to as Mt. Magic as well.

The fortress has an impenetrable force field and a secret entrance. The secret entrance is underwater where nearby is a sycamore tree with gold leaves and a unicorn carved into it.

Mt Magic Field

Mt. Magic Field

The fortress has a quidditch pitch called Mt. Magic Field.

The New Wizard Initiation Ceremony is held in the wizards' fortress, hosted by the President of the Wizards' Guild, where apprentices become wizards.


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