Melchior is Leonard Powers's hologram. As with Leonard, he is also voiced by Randy Pearlstein.

Leonard often uses the hologram to communicate with Mark Lilly over distance, and to perform menial tasks for himself, such as rubbing shoulders. The hologram later shows sentience in the series, but displays no spell-casting ability. Even though the hologram is semi-transparent, Mark Lilly often mistakes him for Leonard.

In the season 2 episode "Wet Hot Demonic Summer", he tells Mark that his name is Melchior.


The hologram takes on a life and personality of his own in the episode "Kill, Mark... Kill!".

In that episode Leonard kicks him on the stomach when he complains being ignored, yet later he tells Mark that Leonard is not dead even his body exploded and provides Mark with information on Leonard's regeneration. He also says he likes having some time to himself. Mark thinks the hologram looks like Leonard's ghost.

When the regeneration has gone wrong and the pieces of flesh split to 500 little Leonards, he tells Mark that all but one must die for the remaining to fully become Leonard again. By that time the hologram has put on a pair of glasses and a set of brown suit which color he likes but Leonard hates. Also he has trimmed his beard and smokes a pipe. He says that Leonard has not allowed him to dress himself for 500 years.

When finally Leonard becomes whole again, the hologram once again returns to serve. He tells Leonard that he too has "grown these past few days".

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