Martin is a two-headed worm creature in Mark Lilly's class at the Department of Integration. He makes his first appearance in the pilot episode, and has been frequently seen in the series ever since.

He has a timid personality. Unlike most two-headed worm creatures, Martin's two heads get along very well. The right head even motivates the left in workout. While he does not want to be counted as two people, he addresses himself as "we".

He works as a barista at a coffee shop but is agonizingly bad at his job, as seen in the pilot.

He is friends with Croatian Man, as seen in "The Ring of Powers". They even lock their arms while going for a drink.


  • His two heads kiss each other in the class when Mark has turned on a red light and some erotic music to help the dragons with mating, in "The Ring of Powers".
  • His dream is to become an erotic dancer. He says he's very flexible. ("Any Given Workday")
  • He gets bitten on his left forearm by a bat boy released by Mark in the class in "The Dork Knight". He lets Francis Grimes cut off his forearm to avoid the spreading of bat boy venom. A new head immediately grows out of the wound.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Martin appears in nearly every episode in the series. The episodes listed below are where he plays a more active role in the story.


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