Manbirds are half-bird and half-human. One of them is first seen pooping on a man's shoulder in the pilot episode of Ugly Americans. Their species is more elaborated in "The ManBirds".

The Manbirds originate from a small land mass in the South Pacific known as Scrote Cheese Island. In Spring of 1967, New York cab driver Vic Caminetti visited the Island for his honeymoon and ended up bringing two home with him, because he found them "hilarious as balls". Quickly divorced, Caminetti devoted much of his time toward the Manbirds, outfitting them with proper footwear and permanently altering their diet to consume loose change. The Manbirds would also pick up on Caminetti's foul language, permanently altering their language to a series of foul phrases, mainly "Suck my Balls".

The Manbird language was evolved from foul expressions in English. Each phrase in the language may have up to hundreds of variations with each variation holding a unique meaning. Therefore Manbird is the most difficult and least popular language in the world. Since Manbirds use 97% of their brain capacity within the first 48 hours of life, they would have great difficulty in learning the language, if at all, unless they are taught within that period.

Many mistake the long, tubular appendage hanging from the crotch for their genitalia, however, it is merely a protective flap, known as the "sheath,"  guarding their tiny, hideous sex organs from damage, sunburn and mockery.

Manbirds eat coins such as pennies, nickles and dimes.


Known speechesEdit

  • "Suck My Balls!"
  • "Put Your Cheeks into It!"
  • "I'm Gonna Bang Your Mouth!"
  • "Your Mother's a Whore!"
  • "Gobble my Knob!"
  • "Eat My Cheese!"
  • "Give Me a Squirt!"
  • "Breasts!"
  • "Queef!"
  • "Tit!"
  • "Fart!"
  • "Suck my bollocks!" - Said only once by a 18th century British looking Manbird.

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