Krystal is a human character in Ugly Americans.

She first appears in a flashback in the pilot episode. She was the reason why Randall Skeffington turned into a zombie. She used to have an obsession with zombies but when Randall became one to ask her out, she had already switched to warlocks instead.

Randall is still obsessed with her in "Better Off Undead". He keeps a message of 47 minutes from Krystal in the answering machine. He stalks her to a restaurant to find her having moved on to a cyclops. Krystal texts the police to have him arrested.


  • When Randall joins a zombie cult to get over Krystal, Leonard Powers talks Mark Lilly into turning into the appearance of Krystal with a spell to get Randall off the cult. It turns out Randall has already left when Mark arrives at the cult.