The Kraken is a green colossal six-eyed squid-like monster that appears in the episode "Mark Loves Dick".

The Kraken is said to be hell-bent on attacking Manhattan, so New York has made a treaty with the underwater city of Atlantis that the Atlanteans fight off the Kraken in return for all the pizzas they can eat.

When the Kraken attacks Atlantis, together with Twayne, Grimes, Leonard and Randall, the Atlanteans think New York is breaking the treaty. They pull a huge plug to drain all the water around Manhattan in return. But the Kraken gets sucked into the mouth of the drain, clogging it in the end.


  • The Kraken seems to have a certain level of intelligence as it understands what Leonard has said and joins in the "group high five".
  • Since New York is no longer afraid of more Kraken attacks, the Kraken is probably the only one of its species.


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