Jeff Poliquin is a homicidal maniac and occasional community theater actor that was arrested by Francis Grimes one year ago before the episode "Fools for Love". Grimes gets him out of the New York City Mental Hospital on April Fools' Day to act as Barney Snodgrass, the former counselor in the Department of Integration and Callie Maggotbone's ex-boyfriend, so as to pull pranks on Mark Lilly.

Jeff thinks he's been released for helping Grimes, but in the end Grimes sends him back to the mental hospital. As Jeff escaped (albeit with Grimes' help) instead of getting released officially, he's more likely to get more years to his sentence, which is just another one of Grimes' April Fools' Day prank. Jeff threatens he will kill everyone for revenge, Grime just laughs and says, "Crazy people are so gullible."


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