Jaclyn Anderson (voiced by Jenny Slate) makes her appearance in the episode "Lilly and the Beast".

Jaclyn is caught by Francis Grimes for vagrancy after he loses the trail of "The Beast", a huge monstrous humanoid, to vent his frustration. She is sent to Mark Lilly's class. Mark initially does not recognize her and is shocked to find out she was his girlfriend in college. After pooping on Rick the tree head's feet, she tells the class Mark dumped her because she was allergic to eggs. She got depressed and dropped out of college and was disowned by her parents. As she has no place of her own, Mark invites her to stay at his.

Over the few days during her stay, Jaclyn and Mark rekindle their feelings for each other. But when he tells her Callie Maggotbone is his girlfriend, she goes mad and becomes The Beast. She forcefully takes him away to her sewers.

In the sewers, Jaclyn reveals to Mark that after he dumped her, she switched to study eggology. She made a cure that overcame her allergy but also turned her into a she-beast.

Callie and Randall Skeffington track down Jaclyn to the sewers. Callie engages Jaclyn but is no match for her. Then Grimes arrives in a body armor and finally overpowers Jaclyn. But Grimes is reluctant to capture her. He lets her loose so that he could continue chasing The Beast throughout the city.



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