J9 is a robot that Dr. Alan Boring built in 1954. J9 is filled with Boring's own semen. It appears in the episode "Soul Sucker".

Boring predicted there would be dirigible wars in 1982, so he made the robot J9 in 1954, which has stored his semen and can use it to fertilize future women. However, when J9 surfaces in New York City, it does not function properly and keeps squirting to wrong targets.

J9 is brought to Mark Lilly for supervision. Mark lets Randall Skeffington take care of it and J9 ends up losing all its semen. It digs through the ground to a laboratory under Rockefeller Center and finds Dr. Alan Boring in a life sustaining cell. J9 opens the cell and Boring drops to the ground a rotting corpse. J9 tries to refill its semen from Boring's dead body, but probably without much success.

J9 is last seen holding Boring's corpse in its arms dancing in Callie Maggotbone's Zechalech ceremony.