The In-Between World Guide (voiced by John Mulaney) appears in the episode "An American Werewolf in America". He is a balding skeleton in office clothings.

Leonard Powers goes on stage for a magic performance and Mark Lilly acts as his assistant. Leonard asks Mark to shoot himself in the head and says he's going to bring him back to life. With not very much reluctance, Mark does but does not return to life immediately, instead, he goes to the In-Between World.

But since Leonard has offered Mark a gift of One Day of Immortality earlier, an In-Between World Guide is sent to help Mark through the procedures of coming back to life. To make sure Mark does not kill himself again, the guide shows Mark how his death has affected his friends, or what the guide's mother calls "a guilt trip".

Mark is shown that while Randall Skeffington is identifying his body, he eats Mark's left big toe. Callie Maggotbone has found an evil wizard for Leonard's replacement. She only sheds a tear by using a pepper spray. Leonard goes on a drinking spree for his guilt, and is about to resign from the Department of Integration. At last Mark finds out no one he knows more than a day is willing to speak on his funeral. The guide then lets him sign a customer service evaluation and finally brings him back to life.