New Hell

A shopping street in New Hell

Hell is where demons are born. It maintains a striving tourism industry with multiple shopping facilities and is currently ruled by Yamaguchi Enterprises LTD. after it was maintained for a long time by Satan's direct bloodline. It was Yamaguchi Enterprises who turned Hell into a tourist attraction, which they are praised for by most demons like the Devil himself, who holds a high position in Hell, but isn't its ruler.

The landscape of Hell is a single nightmarish, gruesome chaos. Among other things, lakes of fire can be found here.

In the blood courts, battle to the death is a popular sport.

Hell's CourtEdit

Hell's court features hyenas as the jury, a big pentagram over the judge's seat and a death pit with tentacles and a pyramid resembling the all-seeing eye coming out of it. Also, there are sometimes obscure dancing performances in the midst of the trials.

Convicts are being executed gruesomely on the pyramid sticking out of the death pit.

The Devil serves as a lawyer in Hell's court.

Old HellEdit

Old Hell consists mainly of baby factories, where demons are created and raised to adults in multiple complex, labor-intensive steps. All demons created here are also being tested for evilness, strength and genitalia barbing. Currently, there are four of these factories active, producing masses of demons like common consumer goods, which may be important because of the Demons' traditional mating habit which seems to diminish the demon population.

New HellEdit

New Hell is where all the shopping malls and most other tourist attractions are assembled. It's built on top of Old Hell. It has been ruled by Yamaguchi Enterprises LTD. since 2003.