Goon squad

The goon squad, from left to right:
An African American, Bruce and Raoul

The goon squad are under Francis Grimes' command in the Department of Integration's Law Enforcement Department. Their duty is to enforce the law where the immigrants and species are concerned. However, under the anti-immigrant Grimes' leadership, they are very brutal to both the law breakers and the victims of species-related crimes.

There are three members in the goon squad which is directly under Grimes' command, and they are Raoul[1], Bruce[2] and an unnamed African American man. There are also other goon squad members, one of them was Rico Rodriguez who was killed when Mark Lilly's gun discharged accidentally.


Episode AppearancesEdit



  1. Grimes tells Callie Maggotbone that he and Raoul is going to beat her in the bowling tournament in "Attack of Mark's Clone".
  2. Bruce is the bald man in the goon squad since the bald man is Raoul's partner in the bowling tournament and Bruce and Raoul's names are displayed together on the score board in "Attack of Mark's Clone".

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