FUGLY Zombie

First episode of FUGLY

FUGLY, or Friends of Ugly Americans, is a live action web mini-series made by Comedy Central. In the show, members of different species talk about their struggles in the "real world", and how Ugly Americans has helped them. It includes six episodes.


Instead of done in animation as Ugly Americans does, the characters in the webseries is portrayed by real actors. The actors puts on makeup and costumes to play the roles of different species individuals. They are "interviewed" in front of camera and tell how Ugly Americans has impacted them in their "real lives".

Promotion for Season 2's Second HalfEdit

The mini-series is designed to promote the second half of Season 2 of Ugly Americans, i.e., episodes 11 to 17 of Season 2.

FUGLY EpisodesEdit

All six episodes were posted on Comedy Central on March 1st, 2012.

Ep Title (link) Interviewee Description
1 It's Hard Being a Zombie A zombie It shows the viewers how zombies are not just about eating brains.
2 Ira's Favorite Buddy Comedy Ira, a merman Ira talks about how Ugly Americans finally gives monsters a show they can relate to.
3 Hellspawn Love Ugly Americans Eniph, a demon Eniph talks about anti-demon bias.
4 Three Hydra Heads, One Problem A hydra man Even the heads of a hydra can agree on getting behind Ugly Americans.
5 Zenobia's First Time Zenobia, a demon Zenobia remembers the first time she saw Ugly Americans.
6 Confessions of a Succubus
Repost: Making It with a Succubus
Yngryd, a succubus To the average male human, Yngryd is either a slut, a monster or his mother.
(This episode was posted in two different titles.)

Videos Taken Down from Comedy CentralEdit

All six episodes of FUGLY have been taken down from Comedy Central's website and are no longer available.

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