Dustin Lieber is a parody of the real life Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber. He appears in the episode "Wail Street".

He is arrested by Francis Grimes for selling his soul to become a famous pop singer without a parent consent, and sent to Mark Lilly's class. He tells Mark that his parents gave him up and he is an orphan. Grimes also says that his wife left him after giving birth to 15 girls but he wants a son. So Mark suggests they should get along.

Dustin enjoys the company of Grimes' daughters and forms a family band "The Family Von Rap" together, including Grimes, Grimes' ex-wife Vera and her husband the Count. Grimes has arranged their first performance at Short Hills Mall. But the Count points out that Dustin is already booked at a much better place, Madison Square Garden. Grimes gets mad and kills the Count.

At their rehearsal at the mall, Dustin is disgusted by Grimes' routine and quits the band. So the band becomes "Francis Grimes and the Family Von Rap" and gets booed by Dustin's fans.

Dustin is seen to have hired Leonard Powers as his personal guard later.


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