Doug is an anxious and timid koala man who is living in New York City. He attends Mark Lilly's class regularly. He never speaks, at least not out loud, and is usually seen either weeping, smiling or laughing, sometimes shedding a single tear or chewing on eucalyptus, a common food for koalas. In the episode "Fools For Love", Francis Grimes calls Doug by the name Cuddles.

According to Erik in the episode "Treegasm", Doug has no genitals.

Somehow, he is recruited by the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda in "Kong of Queens". However, everything seems to have worked out fine by the end of the episode.

In the episode "The Ring of Powers", Twayne Boneraper discovers that Doug used to be an international assassin known as "Cesar Rodrigues, the Murder Bear", and once he burnt down a Bolivian village with women and children there. His passport shows that he was born in July 16, 1974 in Las Vegas. Doug apparently wishes to keep this part of his life a secret. Doug seems to have become timid as a result, but is shown to still retain most of his assassination skills.

Twayne blackmails Doug into killing Callie Maggotbone under order from Aldermach Maggotbone. But Doug keeps delaying since she has been nice to him throughout the episode (due to Mark's power of influence from his engagement ring). Finally Doug uses his rifle skill to wreck the elevated wooden viewing stand which falls down and crushes Beatrice. As a result, Mark's ring deactivates and Callie becomes evil again. As Doug no longer needs to kill her, he burns down all evidence.

In "The Dork Knight" he becomes "Koala Boy" and fights crime with "Batperson" on the instructions of Grimes. It is seen that he has great karate skills. The episode reveals that a koala man's bite is the antidote to a bat boy's venom. In effect he has to bite Mark in his penis every day for a year.


  • Doug has a tendency to wander off during outings. Mark comments that he does not like to put a leash on Doug in "The ManBirds".
  • When Mark talks about goals in "Wail Street", Doug whispers to Toby who re-tells everyone that Doug wants to stab things.
  • In the episode "The Ring of Powers" Callie Maggotbone purchases doug, resulting in him being legally owned by her.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Doug appears in nearly every episode in the series. The episodes listed below are where he plays a more active role in the story.


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