Dishonorable Discharge

Dishonorable Discharge is a television series in Ugly Americans in the episode "Ride Me to Hell". It is about a detective named Brock, played by Benji Dalton, trying to find the answers to the mysteries happened in the past six years. The executive producers of the show are Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

The series's conclusion shows that its six seasons have all been an angel's dream. It ends with the angel's statement, "Wow, what a weird dream! I can't wait to tell God about it."

Producers Lindelof and Cuse

The show's executive producers

Effects on Francis GrimesEdit

The series is Francis Grimes' favorite television show. But he is enraged by its finale that he smashes his TV and swears, "Someone's gonna pay for this!" He goes on to bust people who like the ending of the show which leads to his suspension from the Department of Integration and a series of flashbacks of repressed memories.

Mark Lilly helps him find out that he used to be a real cop but was "dishonorably discharged". He and his mentor Jimmy were investigating the next leader of Hell at that time 35 years ago. And Grimes once again tries to finish the job.

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