Christ Angel is Leonard Powers's older brother. Christ is much more successful than him and is a star magician, performing incredibly elaborate spells on the stage. In short, he has reached everything Leonard ever wanted to achieve.

Somehow, Christ Angel has managed to stay looking young over the centuries in contrast to Leonard, who is younger but looks quite old. He most likely was a better wizard who used his magic to maintain his youthful appearance

He always speaks in a monotonous manner.

He won a "Wizzy" in 1732 for a "classic dove card trick" which he finds a female volunteer and asks her to think of a card which he releases doves from his crotch to form like one. Then he disappears and gets inside the volunteer's belly and is quickly born from her as a baby, growing to an adult in mere seconds. Leonard claims he gave Christ that trick but was not acknowledged.



Christ Angel Hadoken


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