For Bruce who is a member of the goon squad in the Department of Law Enforcement, see Bruce.

Bruce was a bat boy that appeared in the episode "The Dork Knight".

A bat boy interrupts Francis Grimes' drug bust between Sabrina Maroney and Harlan/Melvin. After the criminals has escaped, The bat boy is arrested for police interference with several accounts of resisting arrest. He is sent to Mark Lilly's class at the Department of Integration.

Mark introduces the bat boy as Bruce to the class. But when he releases him from the cage, Bruce bites Mark in the crotch, chases the other students in the room and bites Martin's arm as well. Grimes immediately runs in and beats him to death with a broom.

Since bat boy venom is extremely dangerous and unpredictable, Grimes cuts off part of Martin's arm where a new worm creature head grows out right away. Mark pretends he's okay. The venom gradually turns him into a bat boy hybrid and he becomes a vigilante known as Batperson.