Brooke is a minor character in Ugly Americans. She makes her debut in the pilot episode.

Brooke is Aldermach Maggotbone's new wife at the start of the series. She is a blind demon with her eyes carved out and a pair of crab's claws instead of hands. Her skin is very pale and she has long purple hair.

She clips the tip of Mark Lilly's pinky off at the station of Old Saybrook in Hell, in the episode "Hell for the Holidays", so that she and Callie Maggotbone can use it to make a clone of him secretly in the hope that the clone goes to the arena in his place. She later warns Mark that his life is in danger in Aldermach's house. She has sex with Randall Skeffington and gets killed off by Aldermach's new wife Sandy.

However, she is seen alive again in the episode "Any Given Workday", sitting on the viewing stand seemed to be watching the football match.