5 On with Alan Whiter
5 On Alan Whiter

Alan Whiter, the host of 5 On

5 On with Alan Whiter, or simply 5 On, is a webseries which inspired Ugly Americans.

The webseries was directed and animated by Devin Clark, written by Nick Kroll, John Mulaney and Pete Holmes. The characters were voiced by Devin, Nick, John, Pete, Molly Sims (credited as Molly Simms) and Tom Forget[1]. It was first launched on June 27th, 2007 at CC:Studios on Comedy Central's website. 5 On was nominated for "Best Animated Video on the Web" in TV Guide's Online Video Awards in 2007.

5 On is hosted by Alan Whiter, which interviews "five of anything about everything". On each show five beings from a particular species are interviewed on street about their opinions on a current issue.

List of 5 On with Alan Whiter episodesEdit

All six 5 On episodes were also uploaded on Vimeo in 2010. Some of the Vimeo clips have new titles and some have additional footage.

+  These videos on Vimeo have additional footage compared to those from CC:Studios.

5 On with Alan Whiter episodes
on CC:Studios and Vimeo
Date Interviewees Interviewee Images
Aliens on Life without the Sopranos

Aliens on the Sopranos +

  • Lance Dawgnipples, alien thespian
  • Momatha, tourist
  • Blorzmak Goldfarb, sex therapist
  • An Alien, Paulie Walnuts fan
  • The Great Brain, all knower
5 On Alien Great Brain
Robots on Immigration

Robots on Immigration +

  • JM3 "Jimmy" VX-2300, factory bot (a robot similar to Erik)
  • David Shapiroid, immigration lawyer
  • Blane VanPinko, day trader
  • Laura Bush, mechanical woman
  • Insectotron, hack comedian
5 On Robot Jimmy
Demons on the Environment

Demons on the Environment +

  • Blistaal "Red" Bladecock, grocery store manager (he resembles and knows Twayne the Boneraper)
  • Cally Maggotbane, street fundraiser (Callie Maggotbone's predecessor)
  • Demon "Donald" Trump, underworld business tycoon
  • Nanugget The Debaser, sesspit security guard (like a chicken man)
  • Zalthar of the Blighted Pot, saucier
5 On Demon Cally Maggotbane
Zombies on Presidential Candidates

Zombies on Healthcare +

  • Howie Carmel, nuclear plant worker
  • Cathy Lynn Dwyre, home maker
  • Archibald Murrell, styrofoam manufacturer
  • Karl Backenstoss, bartender
  • Randal Skeffington, college student (Randall Skeffington's predecessor)
5 On Zombie Randal Skeffington
Monsters on Celebuskanks

Monsters on Celebutantes

  • Bruce Chapman, barista (a merman)
  • Benjamin Calmer, hotel manager (a kong in a scuba helmet)
  • Donnie Keller, bouncer (like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame)
  • Jon "The Wolf" Raleigh, radio DJ (a humanoid with a wolf's head and a human body)
  • Gisela Van Dousen, copy editor (a vampire)
5 On Vampire Gisela Van Dousen
Wizards on Obscene Rap

Wizards on Profanity

5 On Wizard Leonard Matharus

Videos Taken Down from Comedy CentralEdit

All six 5 On episodes have been taken down from CC:Studios on Comedy Central's website. However the videos on Vimeo are still available.

Transition of Characters to Ugly AmericansEdit

Some of the characters from 5 On have made their transition to Ugly Americans, sometimes with their names, appearances or backgrounds altered. For example, Callie and Randall on the TV show came from the characters Cally Maggotbane and Randal Skeffington in the webseries.



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